About PBWeb

plant breeders with a comprehensive information management system to manage the complete plant breeding cycle from trial design through to data analysis. PBWeb is a secure web-based system, trials can be designed by simply having access to a web browser anywhere in the world.

PBWeb incorporates features to manage breeding and pre-breeding programs including:

Crops currently designed by PBWeb include: wheat, barley, lupin, oats and chick peas.

A key initiative to support the Centre’s research program is the establishment of the Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (BRL). The BRL represents unique scientific infrastructure for Western Australian that develops and utilises innovative techniques and tools to drive its core research program as well as serve external clients on a fee-for-service basis. The BRL offers a range of capabilities, including: the development of computational tools; a vast range of data analysis and visualisation strategies; and, the development of integrated web-based applications.